Penske Truck Rentals

Maine Storage Plus is an authorized Penske truck rental and drop off facility promising a clean, reliable, fuel-efficient moving truck ready to go at pickup time. With Penske Truck Rentals, you also get personal help from our professional associates, 24-hour roadside assistance, and flexible reservation and cancellation policies.

Penske Trucks are available in a range of sizes and most come with flat non-slip wooden floors and translucent roof and interior lights. Our truck rental sizes are 12 ft., 16 ft., 22 ft., and 26 ft., allowing you to pack up to seven rooms in one move! Unsure of what size truck you need? Use the Penske Truck Wizard!

For Penske Truck drop offs after hours just park the truck in our yard and put the keys in the yellow box next to our front door. To reserve your Penske Truck Rental today just click on the link below and enter Ellsworth, Maine.